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We help organizations to take advantage of digital technologies to have a truly positive impact for the greater good.

A stepped approach for impactful projects



Every organisation is different. We understand what make you unique. We understand what you stand for. We understand your mission. And then we find the pain points you have in your organisation and we identify how digital technologies can improve your processes and where it can boost your impact.



Digital has a broad scope: from web to mobile, from data to ML/AI, from blockchain to web3, we help your orgnisation to find the skills and solutions needed. We advice you along the way and support you for a successful implementation.



Digital can only have impact if it’s used.We measure the real impact of digital on your organisation. To better refine your needs, better engage with stakeholders and drive even more impact.

They do good things with us

Improve subscription flow for a energy supplier

Cociter supply green energy for B2C and B2B customers in Belgium. They have been founded by local renewable power cooperative investing the energy transition.

We helped them improve their subscription form to accelerate the onboarding of new customers.

From Excel to full flowweb application to manage thousand’s of cooperators

REScoop Wallonia is the walloon federation of citizen energy cooperatives. They were looking for a solution to professionnalize the management of cooperator for their members.

We help them from specification to full roll out the solution.

Automate fiscality report for thousand’s of cooperators

Energy Partagée Investissement was looking for. Solution to ease the fiscal reporting processes linked to their cooperator participations.

We’ve help them find the solution and skills needed to fullfil their needs.

We give back to the community

One of the tool use to better understand your organization is the Sustainable Business Canvas. We’ve made it completely free to use.

So please, take a look!

Visit SustainableBusinessCanvas.org

We’d love to help you

Explain us how you think we can help you in your mission and we will be happy to get you back.

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